Quthbuzzaman 43rd Khilafath Conference, Apr 27 - Apr 30 Aluva-Jeelani Shareef
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Sulthaniya foundation is a charitable organization based in Kerala, India.  It was established and registered as charitable society in the month of July 2007.

This society is led by two Masters who follow the pristine tradition of great prophets and sufi saints. Quthubuzzaman Shaikh Sulthan Shah is the founder Chairman and Hzt. Bava Usthad is the founder Vice chairman of this Organization. Presently both of them live in Kerala. This organization has separate wings running in several parts of Kerala, in the north Indian cities of New Delhi, Mumbai and in countable states of Middle East, U.A.E, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Sulthaniya foundation propounds and strives for communal harmony and understanding between different religions and cultures. Organization emphasizes on the path of peace to settle out the pressing issues of the present day world; war, violence and terrorism.

On the eve of - July 2007 Shaikh Yusuf Sultan Shah inaugurated a new charitable society in Kottakkal, Malappuram, Kerala. The mission led by Hzt. Muhammed Kunhi Bava Ustad was the cause for this initiative. Shaikh Baba realized it as a mission to spread his teachings all over the world. The foundation has its own structure and path to fulfill the vision and mission of Shaikh Sultan Shah.