Quthbuzzaman 43rd Khilafath Conference, Apr 27 - Apr 30 Aluva-Jeelani Shareef
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Sacred Kalima: Foundation of the Entire Universe and all Prophetic Paths

      الله“Allah is Almighty God; And Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah” is the verse which forms the foundation of the universes and its beings. Allah created the first man – Prophet Adam(a), to realize this sacred kalima. Afterwards when Prophet Adam(a)’s gaze reached at Allah’s throne, he noticed the very sacred kalima there. He asked Allah, to whose name Allah’s name was adjoined to. Allah’s reply to Adam(a) query is thought provoking, (I would not have created any beings without him).

      Following Adam(a)’s expulsion from the heaven, his tear-soaked repentance was not accepted by Allah, only when Adam(a) repented by seeking refuge to that sacred name which was adjoined to Allah’s name, he was spared.

       All the prophets who came after Adam(a) were the bearers of the very same ‘sacred kalima’. The time came when the sacred kalima grew, as our beloved last prophet summoned all its glories. The mankind was bound to supplicate before the sublime replica of the Sacred Kalima, spiritually enlightened. Self-realizers who were bearing the same mission as that of the last prophet Muhammad Rasoolullahi(s) attained this greatness only after molding themselves with the same Sacred Kalima.

      In an uninterrupted series of stream waves, they had the same mission as the previous streams of the prophets before Rasoolullahi(s). These missionaries were always there to help showing people the right path of thouheed, seeking refuge to that sacred kalima.

      One may not achieve this fundamental nature of the prophets merely by teaching or memorizing various religious subjects or its vast territory of rules. Being a religious scholar and possessing proficiency in its various fields are the external aesthetics. The foundation of these loosely laid jurisprudence are of no use. Forming religious institutions and unities without this sacred solid foundation is the root cause of the grave circumstances our world is facing today.

      It has been a while since this stream has distanced itself from the public of Kerala.

       Scholars, the leaders of their unions and institutions and the practitioners of various Sufi sects are all ignorant about this sacred foundation. No attempts have been made to refine people using thouheed.

       Throughout the world this mission of refining mankind is preached by the enlightened folks with clear and evident links reaching up to the beloved Prophet. I am one among the links, when I address the world to form part of this chain – my call is to form part of the ‘Prophetic Family’, and thereby the sacred kalima.

      The Sufis are of various kinds. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani(r) himself has ascertained that sparing only one; all the 12 types of Sufi sects are out of the right way. We can see the morphing of these sects and institutes in their various forms in today’s world.

      It’s a tough task to find one’s way through the treacherous paths of Sufism. The chances are very feeble for those who have fallen on these treacherous grounds, to come and join the right track. But commoners are of the wrong perception that ‘all the tariqas are leading to Haq’. The ultimate truth, certainly there are not much ideological, not theoretical efforts for explaining the above mentioned foundation of Sufism or Tariqah onto public domain.

      Unfortunately, scholars are adamantly keeping themselves and those who trust them from Sufism. They are of the opinion that these true streams of light are only to be followed by those with angles’ ranks. Those who live and behave like a human are not acceptable to these hollow scholars. On contrary to this they will be at the forefront with all their efforts to glorify those who show signs of ascetic, together with   deviation from normal behavior. Upon seeing their ends those scholars will declare that they had attained a stupendous rank.

      For them there is no such thing ‘as to go astray’ in spiritual ways. All their debates will be pooled upon how the particular tariqa; as they are unaware of the intricacies of the tariqah and prefer to say arrogation. They may arrange stage debates which will be a mockery on the context of ‘ilm of thouheed’.

      All these, in actuality are highlighting the prophecy of our beloved prophet(s) that ‘it’s a bunch of Scholars and Shaikhs who will make my Ummah go astray’. It has to be specially mentioned that most so called shaikhs are ignorant of how they are making people lose the straight and clear path of thowheed. The agonies and thoughts of these shaikhs would be embedded on Sunnah, but at the same time the deceptive iblis(devils) would be using them as his pawns.

      The common man is confused on the aspects of tariqath and zikr because on their understanding these are the ways of showing many supernatural deeds ‘karamaths’.

      Redemptive thoughts must be solicited with Sufis on the fundamental basics of their perspective and spirituality.

       My objective of making Tariqah and Sufism hot subject among the people is nothing but we are endowed with the prophetic task of enlightening the human kind of such treacherous scholars and Shaikhs. This is not to make a populous institution but only to show the human kind the right and true path.

      Allah is all powerful to fulfill what he bestowed on me. Again this is not a minority-majority rate. We do not believe on scores of mosques and madrasas, as our beloved prophet has prophesied that his true followers are very few. The only request to the enemies of truth is to allow us to fulfill the duties bestowed upon us.