Quthbuzzaman 43rd Khilafath Conference, Apr 27 - Apr 30 Aluva-Jeelani Shareef
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Sacred Kalima: Stepping Stone for being a Muslim

Our question is not about how a human being is transformed to a Sufi. Everybody of us shall find an answer to the question, how and when a human will become a Muslim. The basic Scriptures of the Quran and Sunnah do not teach us how to become a Sufi. All sacred books taught humans to become a Muslim.

Quran says, Prophet Ibrahim (P.B.U.H) was the first one to be named a Muslim. It indicates, being a Muslim were already existing but the name “Muslim” began to be called along with prophet Ibrahim (P.B.U.H). The name “Muslim” makes it a religion among many other religions. Basically this is not a religion or caste. It is the name given to the basic foundation of everything. A person can reach this stage without a name.

At the same time one will not become a Muslim by claiming himself to one of the religion or introducing himself as a follower of any particular religion like Islam, Judaism, Christianity, etc. He should realize the concept behind the idea of becoming a Muslim, i.e. what is required of him from the part of Almighty Allah. A name is not at all necessary for that. He belongs to some other religion if he does not have that basic foundation regardless of the name Sufism or Thareeqath or whatever the name.

One may not achieve these sublime foundations by living along with Prophet (P.B.U.H) or introducing himself as the beloved follower of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) in this mortal world. But people may call him Muslim. He may evaluate himself like that. This may be the situation of all those who says that he is the world leader of the Islam, the sun of all the religious scholars, else, the shaikh ul mashaaikh of thareeqah. The names, beliefs or visions may exist. But those houses which were built without any basic foundation will fly along with the wind.

Basically spiritual paths have solid foundations and mammoth edifices which decorate the sky.  But if the spiritual paths are lacking in their foundation, their edifices and roofs cannot be any use.  Therefore, the Muslim world should be reconnected to kalimah. Shaikh Hazrath Yousuf Sulthan is preaching this to the world. Make Islam as a reality in our life and search where is our place in Islam instead of disputing on silly topics of Sufism or Thareeqah.

The Sufi path consists of different states and ranks. It can be achieved only through ascendant wisdom. It is mentioned explicitly in Holy Quran. Consider the Quran verse saying, “Allah will ennoble (those who believe and those who are gifted by spiritual wisdom) among us step by step.”

Choosing the path of Kalimah is the foundation of all the steps. But if one does not step up from this knowledge, he shall remain at the bottom. This may lead to casual wreckage. One should be intelligent and practicing to strengthen the spiritual knowledge. Practice alone does not work out, but only when used with proper intelligence. The baseless practices cannot make an achievement. Proper practice oriented divine knowledge and strong relation with Real Guide is essential for the step by step achievement.

We must examine whether our Guides take us to the correct directions and to higher ranks of spiritual knowledge.

The spiritual knowledge of a human being cannot have a stop, or does not end with entering the Paradise or Jannah. It should lead him in all situations. A man cannot reach the last position in the world of wisdom, though he could achieve the first position in spirituality. Following verses were written in the honor of Gauz Pak, Shaikh Muhyudheen Abdul Qadir Jeelani(r):

“Say if,

There is any one reached my ranks.

Almighty opened seventy doors for me

Leading to the worlds of wisdom

All unknown to others, but only me”

In the above verse, the question, who has reached my makham (ranks) implies whether anyone has achieved the stage in spiritual knowledge of His Highness. Seventy doors of spiritual knowledge were revealed for His Highness.  Those doors of spiritual knowledge are unknown to others. His Highness continues:

“Width of each world were vast and broad

Enough to fill all heavens and earths”.

It says that as vast as all heavens and earths. His Highness Muhyudheen ibnu Arabi(r), mentioned in his Thafseer (Exigency of Holy Quran) about this kind of growth in spiritual knowledge.

“Sometimes the doors of knowledge may open, which is as vast as the seven skies, in the hearts of the knowledgeable, within seconds. Sometimes they may be unaware of it.” The spiritual knowledge is vast and endless. But, the journey through it should be safe. It should grow above the foundation of the Allah and the great Prophet (P.B.U.H) and it should start from Kalimah. Many saints, spiritual leaders, and sufis were deviated from sharee’ath and reality. They were became misleaders and wrong preceptors of reality, even though they were blessed with many karamas (miracles) and deep spiritual knowledge because they lacked the seminal foundation of kalimah.

Hence it becomes essential to examine whether a Sufi, Ouliya, Khuthuba, or Ghouse has become a Muslim as well as their followers. Otherwise they will disturb and misguide the people, although they leave this material world. Time has come to invite all Auliyas and the spiritual leaders who departed from this material world to achieve the foundation of Kalimah and to become a muslim, to be secure from misguidance.